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  • Near-Term Interstellar Probes: Some Gentle Suggestions
    When Greg Matloff?s ?Solar Sail Starships: Clipper Ships of the Galaxy? appeared in JBIS in 1981, the science fictional treatments of interstellar sails I had been reading suddenly took on scientific plausibility. Later, I would read Robert Forward’s work, and realize that an interstellar community was growing in space agencies, universities and the pages of […]

  • Psyche Mission Moved Up
    Have a look at the design of the Psyche spacecraft now being built by Space Systems Loral in Palo Alto. What?s intriguing here is the five-panel x-shaped design of the solar array, reconfigured from a four-panel array on either side of the spacecraft. The juiced up array offers this asteroid-bound spacecraft higher power capabilities for […]

  • Enter the ?Synestia?
    What happens when giant objects collide? We know the result will be catastrophic, as when we consider the possibility that the Moon was formed by a collision between the Earth and a Mars-sized object in the early days of the Solar System. But Sarah Stewart (UC-Davis) and Simon Lock (a graduate student at Harvard University) […]

  • TRAPPIST-1h: Filling in the Picture
    One of the worst things we can do is to get so wedded to a concept that we fail to see conflicting information. That?s true whether the people involved are scientists, or stock brokers, or writers. It?s all too easy to distort the surrounding facts because we want to get a particular result, a process […]

  • Best Images Yet of Fomalhaut Debris Disk
    The ongoing dimming of Boyajian?s Star will result in a flood of new data from a wide variety of instruments worldwide, excellent news for those trying to piece together what is happening here. I hope you saw Tabetha Boyajian?s interview with David Kipping over the weekend, but if not, you can see it archived here. […]

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