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  • No Heat Signature of Europan ?Plumes?
    One of the youngest surface features on Europa draws attention because of its possible connection with what lies beneath the Jovian moon?s ice. The dark center of Pwyll crater, visible in the image below, is some 40 kilometers across, with a central peak reaching about 600 meters. At issue is the terrain resulting from the […]

  • Birth of a Supercluster
    Long-time Centauri Dreams readers know that I love things that challenge our sense of scale, the kind of comparison that, for example, tells us that if we traveled the distance from the Earth to the Sun, we would have to repeat that distance 268,770 times just to reach the nearest star. It?s much simpler, of […]

  • A Signature of Planetary Migration
    Earlier in the week I talked about Astronomy Rewind, an ambitious citizen science project dedicated to recovering old astronomical imagery and digitizing it for comparison with new data. Now I?ve learned that another citizen science effort, Planet Finders, is working with simulated data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), planning to transition into real […]

  • Red Dwarfs, ?Superflares? and Habitability
    Given their ubiquity in the Milky Way, red dwarfs would seem to offer abundant opportunities for life to emerge. But we?re a long way from knowing how habitable the planets that orbit them might be. While mechanisms for moderating the climate on tidally locked worlds in tight habitable zones continue to be discussed, the issue […]

  • An Infant System Laden with Gas Giants
    We?ve never found a ?hot Jupiter? around a star as young as CI Tau. This well studied system, some 2 million years old, has drawn attention for its massive disk of dust and gas, one that extends hundreds of AU from the star. But radial velocity examination recently revealed CI Tau b, a hot Jupiter […]

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