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Centauri Dreams
Imagining and Planning Interstellar Exploration

Centauri Dreams
  • Planet Mimicry: Disk Patterns in Infant Systems
    The wrong initial assumption can easily lead anyone down a blind alley. The problem comes across loud and clear in new work from Marc Kuchner (NASA GSFC) and colleagues, which Kuchner presented at the recent meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington. At issue is the matter of the disks of gas and dust […]

  • K2-138: Multi-Planet System via Crowdsourcing
    As Centauri Dreams readers know, I always keep an eye on the K2 mission, the rejuvenated Kepler effort to find exoplanets with a spacecraft that had originally examined 145,000 stars in Cygnus and Lyra. Now working with different fields of view, K2 has examined a surprisingly large number of stars, some 287,309, according to this […]

  • New Titan Findings from Topographical Map
    Cassini?s huge dataset will yield discoveries for many years, as witness the global topographical map of Titan that has been assembled by Cornell University astronomers. The map draws on topographical data of the moon from multiple sources by way of studying its terrain and the flow of its surface liquids. Bear in mind that only […]

  • Substellar Objects in Orion
    Although I carry on about upcoming observatories on the ground and in space, I never want to ignore the continuing contribution of the Hubble telescope to our understanding of planet and star formation. As witness the latest deep survey made by team lead Massimo Robberto (Space Telescope Institute) and colleagues, which used the instrument to […]

  • Pulsar Navigation: Mining Our Datasets
    Science fiction dealt with interstellar navigation issues early on. In fact, Clément Vidal?s new paper, discussed in these pages yesterday, notes a George O. Smith story called ?Troubled Star,? which originally ran in a 1953 issue of Startling Stories and later emerged as a novel (Avalon Books, 1957). Smith is best remembered for a series […]

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