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Centauri Dreams
Imagining and Planning Interstellar Exploration

Centauri Dreams
  • Holographic Sails for Project Starshot? ? Homage to Bob Forward
    One of the reasons I described Greg Matloff as the ?renaissance man of interstellar studies? in my Centauri Dreams book is the continuing stream of ingenious ideas that he develops and delivers through papers and conference presentations. I found the holographic sail concept below fascinating, and would have referenced Bob Forward myself if Greg hadn?t […]

  • Identifying the Sun?s Siblings
    With TESS going into a 60-day period of calibration and testing, I?ll turn this morning to a different kind of survey. GALAH is an acronym for Galactic Archaeology, a term I?ve generally associated with so-called Dysonian SETI, where data is mined in a search for signs of advanced engineering or any anomalies that could signify […]

  • TESS: Magnifique!

  • Civilization Before Homo Sapiens?
    My doctor is a long-time friend who always stops during my annual physical to ask about what?s going on in the hunt for exoplanets. Last week he surprised me when, after I had described ways of analyzing a transiting planet?s atmosphere, he asked whether planets could give rise to civilizations in different epochs. Why just […]

  • A Deeper Look at TESS
    The launch of TESS aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 looks to be on track for Wednesday after yesterday?s delay, which the company attributed to the need for ?additional GNC [guidance, navigation and control] analysis.? So we wait just a bit more, knowing that the payoff justifies the caution. We should be identifying planets in the […]

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