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Rules for Posting in The PI Forum

Please take a look from time to time at these rules - they will evolve over time and might be changed without prior notice.

0.Only registered users can post; read access is for everybody.

1. Be polite! Don't abuse others and the themes we are discussing here. The PI Club is a community - we might  (and shall) have different opinions on our topics, of course: this we should tell in a respectful way. We can enjoy vivid discussions without  being offending!

2. Use of languages: The PI Club offers content in different languages - currently in english, german and hungarian. The PI Forum's main language is english; however, you are welcome to post topics in german or in hungarian as well. In that case, please set the code DE or HU in the title of your new topic like this:

DE - Aspekte einer interstellaren Mission

HU - Egy csillagközi misszió aspektusai

For posting in german or hungarian, please switch first the site language accordingly. For postings in hungarian, the  character coding should be Unicode (UTF-8). Change the settings if necessary in your browser.

3. Moderation: all posts can be moderated. This is not intended to be a censorship - it is just a defence against spam comments, offending, etc. In case, you might contact the moderators by email (viewing a moderator's CB Profile You will be able to send a message to him) or they will contact you at your email address. 


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