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Ripples of the bet
Written by Tibor Pacher   

Inspire discussion and keep people thinking about interstellar issues - this is one of the intentions behind our interstellar bet. Here we track the ripples the bet is sending out as far as we know. We appreciate information which we perhaps missed.

Latest items will be shown first. Check out  also regularly the comments on the Long Bets site here!

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 Print media
  • Vorstoß der Terrestrischen
Der Sprung ins interplanetare und interstellare Raumfahrtzeitalter

Telepolis Special 01/2009, S.78

  •  Place your bets on interstellar flight
Spaceflight Vol 51 January 2009, p.33

You may take a look at the pdf-file here, which is  courtesy of Spaceflight.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 August 2009 )
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