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What kind of expenses does occur?
Written by PI Club Admin   

Here we list the most typical expenses we have to cover in order to run The PI Club:

  • service provider and domain fees

This is about 20,- EUR monthly today - more traffic will call for more computing power, i.e. more money.
  • software licenses; we use mainly Open Source Software, but we feel it is more than fair to pay for their usage as well (Joomla!, Joom!Fish, Community Builder, Acajoom News, JoomlaPack)

  • site administrator work (technical and editorial)

  • site design work

  • conference fees and travel expenses
Examples: registration fee for attending the Aosta conference 400,- EUR + Travel expenses for 1.000 km one-way + accomodation 5 days + living expenses -> well over 1.000,- EUR for attending this major conference


  • bookkeeping

Last Updated ( Monday, 19 January 2009 )
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