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How can I help peregrinus interstellar?
Written by The PI Club   
Currently we are seeking Your support explicitely for
  • building the basis for our peregrinus falcon award, offered for The Best PI Club Crazy Presentation. 
We appreciate Your contribution very much.

We are indebted to our supporters:
Pat Galea, United Kingdom
Andreas Hehn, Germany

Please let us know if you prefer to be anonymous - in this case your entry shall look like Anonymous, Hungary, e.g. - or have any other questions.

There are several ways to do this, and we welcome every help, of course.
Without stressing Your finances, You can
  • serve as a translator
  • support us in Joomla! issues
  • bring good books to our attention for our Recommended Reading list,
and last but not least,
  • You can send us interesting articles for publication. 
For translation and Joomla! support please contact our Site Administrator; if you have book recommendations, our Librarian. Articles should be sent to the Site Administrator.
But we would like to have your MONEY as well – there is no free lunch in our world, yet. Money is necessary to run any organization. (Check out how do we spend money here.)
So we will be happy to welcome you as
  • sponsor – we have place to present Your company or organization, just contact our Site Administrator;
  • frequent buyer in our PI Shop.

And, of course, if you decide to become a regular PI Club member – visit our Join and participate site for the conditions - You are welcome!
In any case, if you like us, please tell about peregrinus interstellar and The PI Club to your friends.

Last but not least: your financial support right now is highly acknowledged. Please use PalPay for your secure payment.

Thank you for your support!

Last Updated ( Saturday, 18 July 2009 )
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