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How it will be judged
Written by Tibor Pacher & Paul A. Gilster   

These are the detailed terms of the case.

With kind permission of the Long Now Foundation.

We agree that:

1) The mission can be a manned or unmanned flyby probe or to be captured by the target star's gravitational field. It will have been designed expressly as a mission to another star, and not an outer-Solar System mission that keeps going.

2) Allowed launch location of the spacecraft is any place in the Solar system within the orbit of Neptune, either from the surface of a solar system body or from any orbital position.

3) As a minimum requirement for the mission the spacecraft shall be capable to deliver data for at least one scientific measurement.

4) Planned mission duration shall be less than 2.000 years.

The statement "widely supported by the public" might be e.g. assessed by an outreach action in which at least 1.000.000 (one million) votes must be gathered in favour of the mission. Voting can start earliest at the announcement time of the mission baseline design; end date of voting is the launch date. The mission team will be responsible to ensure that such a voting can take place; it can cooperate with other projects or organizations to set up the voting procedure. Reasonable effort will be done to ensure that one person should only vote once. Should there be in the meantime a prize contest organized where the prize win conditions are compatible with our betting terms, this will be interpreted to be a wide support as well.

However, we agree that the proviso for the wide support is not a necessary condition to decide the outcome of the bet.

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