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Dear Members and Visitors,
we develop continuously the offerings of The PI Club and want to keep you informed about our next steps.
What happened last?

The new registration and user management software Community Builder works fine. As the name says, this is our start to build our online community. For our members: please check out Your User Data!

The PI Kids can now read here Voyage, the BIS space magazine - many thanks to the BIS!

We went live with our PI Forum with Kunena - this is the swahili word for "to Speak" -; Your voice is welcome!

And last but not least: we have published the first Crazy Presentation

Our plans for the next weeks

We shall

  • continue translation all of our already published texts in english, german and hungarian. This is one of our evergreens - Your help is needed! Please contact us here
  • continue to develop the portal Faces from Earth 
  • start populating the section Space

Your ideas and opinions are always very welcome! 
Thank you for visiting The PI Club
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Tibor Pacher 

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