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MiniSpaceWorld Awards News
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budapest.jpgWe are happy to announce that the The Municipality of Budapest offers a Budapest MSW Award for the best hungarian contestant of The MSW Design Contest 2009: Far Worlds - Best of Science Fiction and that the Hungarian Numismatic Society generously donates a Jenő Gothard Commemorative Medal to enrich the MSW Community Prize.
The Budapest MSW Prize winners will get the opportunity to present their project - how to design a future/imagined city/world? - in a round table discussion to be held early 2010 in the City Hall. In this event  Budapest representatives -  Deputy Major Imre Ikvai-Szabó and Acting Chief Architect Éva Beleznay to name a few -, well-known urban experts and the public will discuss Budapest's mid- and long range development plans, strategies and projects. The winner of the Budapest MSW Prize will be determined by a public internet voting.

gotthard_mnt_2s.jpgThe MSW Community's Prize will be given by the voice of all registered users of the MSW website in a dedicated voting. The Hungarian Numismatic Society generously donated a recently issued commemorative medal featuring the Hungarian astronomer Jenő Gothard to enrich the Community's Prize.

Help us to enrich all our prizes and sponsor a Gothard medal!

The winner's and other selected work will be presented in the Galaktika, the award-winning Hungarian science-fiction Magazine.

Read all details about the MSW Design Contest 2009 Awards here.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 07 November 2009 )
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