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New book on Deep Space Flight
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As each civilization becomes more knowledgeable they will recognize, as we now have recognized, that each civilization has been given a single great gift: a lens of such power that no reasonably technology could ever duplicate or surpass its power. This lens is the civilization's star; in our case, our sun. The gravity of each such star acts to bend space, and thus the paths of any wave or particle, in the end creating an image just as familiar lenses do. - Frank Drake
pint member Claudio Maccone looks in his new book Deep Space Flight and Communicaton at two important aspects of space missions with prospects for interstellar flight: Part 1 looks at the ways in which it is possible to exploit the focusing effect of the Sun as a gravitational lens for scientific missions to distances of 550 AU and beyond into interstellar space. Part 2 of the book deals with the problems of communicating between an interstellar spaceship and the Earth, especially at very high speeds.
The book is written for professional space scientists and engineers, final year undergraduates and graduate students and postgraduate researchers studying astronautics, space science, engineering, communications, propulsion and trajectory systems. For more details go to the Springer website of the book.
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