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Project Faces from Earth launched
Written by Tibor Pacher   
The first Faces from Earth event - more on the basic ideas can be read here - was presented on the 6th February in the Kieler Gelehrtenschule (the oldest secondary school in Kiel) for ca 250 pupils and parents. On the 13rd March, in cooperation with the Theremin-Workshop Without-Touch 3.0 in Lippstadt 240 pupils of the Gymnasium Overhagen enjoyed the lecture and the theremin music in Space Patrol - Remembering the 1st Theremin Concert for Aliens as well as the guests of the Workshop's  Opening Concert.

You might check out for more details on the Faces from Earth website, which will be developed continuosly. In the framework of Faces from Earth we will

  • provide information on Messages from Earth - about history, rationale and possible effects on humanity
  • organize events to promote deep space missions
  • compile the next message to put on board a deep space mission - including a holographic library of photographic faces of people.


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