Project Daedalus
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Daedalus by David A.Hardy

Project Daedalus, led by Alan Bond, was conducted during 1973-1978 under the wings of The British Interplanetary Society. It is still one of the most detailed feasibility studies about interstellar spaceflight. The goal was to investigate the reality of practical interstellar travel, doomed to impossibiility by conventional wisdom in the scientific and technical community in that time. Daedalus is an unmanned interstellar craft, driven by a fusion rocket, using small deuterium/helium-3 pellets, 250 of them detonated in a second. Mission target was  Barnard's Star, about 6 light-years from the Sun, which was thought to have two Jupiter-like planets. The Daedalus flyby with 12% light velocity would happen after 50 years journey.

Image: David A. Hardy

We are preparing a concise summary of the project, based on Project Daedalus: The Final Report on the BIS Starship Study, published in the JBIS, Supplement, 1978. It will be published step by step; we are collecting a select list of weblinks as well.


Adrian Mann`s site about Daedalus

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