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Mosaic Earth builds Earth images like the famous Blue Marble as a mosaic composition with faces of the people as tiles. It is the emblem of Faces from Earth to represent our home planet, with all our diversity and unity at the same time.

Our special edition TEN DAYS MOSAIC EARTH: 29 JAN to 8 FEB 2010 was created by using 90 submitted portraits from 20 countries. It is 50 megapixel big and contains 10368 tiles. You can use the +/- buttons and Your mouse to zoom in / zoom out in the mosaic. You can download our MOSAIC EARTH - TEN DAYS RALLY - 29 JAN to 8 FEB 2010 here (use your right mouse button) (note: the file is 22.2 MB).


Our first mosaic with One Flag in Space containing 112 portraits from 21 countries.

Become part of it - submit Your portrait!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 04 April 2010 )
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