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Crazy Ideas
'The time has come,' the walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax -
Of cabbages - and kings -

And why the sea is boiling hot -
And whether pigs have wings.'

Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass (1871)

Remember: our home, the Universe is big. Really big. But one day You - and we all here in The PI Club - want to fly from star to star like Han Solo, with an own Millenium Falcon. And maybe You wish to have a chat with a friend from another star after arrival…

There is only a small problem: how to do this? Current physics says, there is this damn’d light velocity limit. And there is a lot of other questions. Like proper propulsion. Energy on board. Communication over light years. Operating autonomous systems over long timeframes. Is intelligent life in our neighbourhood conceivable at all? And so on…No escape?

Maybe yes! We need just “Crazy Ideas”, not restricted by conventional thinking but freed up for imagining the seemingly impossible.


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