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What do people think about interstellar travel? About technologies, science, meeting ETI on the way, about the sense of the desire to to travel to the stars at all? Here we present some views on these issues.

But be aware: some of these topics are very controverse!


Item Title Author
100 Year Starship Study: A Response Marc Millis
Interstellar Flight: Fanciful Ideas, Realistic Options Paul Gilster
Interstellar Travel: Dreams and Reality Dr. Tibor Pacher & Dr. Kinga Lorencz
Why go to the stars? Dr. Tibor Pacher
Criteria & Rationale for a Near-term Interstellar Mission John Hunt
Icarus: Revisiting the Daedalus Starship Kelvin Long


What do You think about METI (sending interstellar messages)?
The launch date of the first true interstellar mission

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