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The Bet

This is the realization of another Crazy Idea: making a provocative, accountable prediction may help to inspire discussion and keep people thinking about interstellar issues. Interstellar Spaceflight is a long term case, so the natural place for such a prediction is the Long Bets site. Long Bets is a public arena for enjoyably competitive predictions, of interest to society, with philanthropic money at stake.

“The first true interstellar mission, targeted at the closest star to the Sun or even farther, will be launched before or on December 6, 2025 and will be widely supported by the public.”

Read the arguments pro (Tibor Pacher) and con (Paul Gilster) our bet and the detailed terms as well. You can also vote on the outcome directly at the Long Bets site or just here in The PI Club.

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Item Title Author
Ripples of the bet Tibor Pacher
Why shall it happen? Tibor Pacher
Why it cannot happen Paul A. Gilster
How it will be judged Tibor Pacher & Paul A. Gilster
The bet is already won! H. Paul Shuch


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