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Hungarians on the Mars
Írta: PI Club Admin   

Hungarians on the Mars: an engineering challenge for secondary school and university students in Hungary. As our MiniSpaceWorld, a private initiative - with no government support.

This year with over 40 registered teams on 8 May 2010 in Budapest!

Here is the first "raw" video - enjoy:

Utolsó frissítés ( 2010. May 11. )
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Mosaic Earth
Írta: Web Master   

Mosaic Earth Banner

Mosaic Earth builds Earth images like the famous Blue Marble as a mosaic composition with faces of the people as tiles. It is the emblem of Faces from Earth to represent our home planet, with all our diversity and unity at the same time.

Our special edition TEN DAYS MOSAIC EARTH: 29 JAN to 8 FEB 2010 was created by using 90 submitted portraits from 20 countries. It is 50 megapixel big and contains 10368 tiles. You can use the +/- buttons and Your mouse to zoom in / zoom out in the mosaic. You can download our MOSAIC EARTH - TEN DAYS RALLY - 29 JAN to 8 FEB 2010 here (use your right mouse button) (note: the file is 22.2 MB).


Our first mosaic with One Flag in Space containing 112 portraits from 21 countries.

Become part of it - submit Your portrait!

Utolsó frissítés ( 2010. April 04. )
MiniSpaceWorld - the submissions
Írta: PI Club Admin   
msw_logo.jpg The MSW Design Contest was finished on the 1st November 2009. Six teams from the United Kingdom, Germany and Hungary submitted their ideas - great submissions altogether! Take a look at the work and can vote for the Budapest MSW Prize!
Utolsó frissítés ( 2009. November 10. )
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MiniSpaceWorld Awards News
Írta: PI Club Admin   
budapest.jpgWe are happy to announce that the The Municipality of Budapest offers a Budapest MSW Award for the best hungarian contestant of The MSW Design Contest 2009: Far Worlds - Best of Science Fiction and that the Hungarian Numismatic Society generously donates a Jenő Gothard Commemorative Medal to enrich the MSW Community Prize.
Utolsó frissítés ( 2009. November 07. )
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The MSW Design Contest Award Ceremony
Írta: PI Club Admin   

congress_hall_academy.jpgThe MSW Design Contest Award Ceremony will be held in Budapest, on the 5th December 2009, 7:00 PM. Venue is the Congress Hall in the builidings of the Research Centre for Social Studies, a Hungarian Academy of Sciences research institute. It is in the wonderful Budapest Castle District - be sure to take a look!

buchholz_0019_endWe will have the pleasure to listen to the wonderful theremin performance of Barbara Buchholz. The theremin is one of the first electronic instruments of the world and is played without touch (!).
Your donation helps us to organize this great event! Thank you.
Links in Hungarian: 
Utolsó frissítés ( 2014. January 13. )
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